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We know your concerns
We've been there
Where to earn money?
If you have this question in mind, then you are in the same place where I was 3 years ago – you might have moved to a bigger city to earn more, sacrificing your time being away from your loved ones and dreaming about starting remote work.
How to increase income?
You may be living in a small town where there aren't many suitable opportunities. I used to work for a local TV company in Saratov – my native place in Russia, where I earned around $150 monthly, before I decided to move to Moscow to try to find decent salary.
Who will care about my child?
Probably you are a full-time mom who doesn't want the child to be in childcare. A lot of our graduates are like you – they want to spend more time with their kids and earn money at the same time. Its our alumnus Valeria with her daughter on the pic.
Who we are and why you can trust us:
We are one of the leading online schools in the educational sector of Russia.
We are a team of professionals who share their own experience of remote work. There are a lot of different online trainings, offering to learn new qualifications to earn remotely. So, while choosing the provider it's important to ask the tutors about their personal freelance experience.
We are unique as we have the inside experience of the professions we teach. We have the expertise - we've come a long way from an office desk to online entrepreneurship.
BraveNomads group
Our mission – not to give you just promises, but to share our knowledge and experience, to guide you through traineeship with a real client (you will get paid for it!), as well as to help you with your job search, because we know how tough it could be for a recent graduate on the freelancing market.
Our results
Our school in numbers
3 years
We have been successfully teaching our students
From 18 to retirement and beyond
Age of our students is not a limitation to obtain new skills and work remotely.
700 students
Yes! We know, other online schools show thousands of their graduates. But we focus on individual approach, quality education, hands-on traineeship, mentoring support and pool of vacancies for our students.

All your questions will be answered by your mentor.
97% reviews are positive
We ask our graduates to share reviews on our social media, not on our website, so you can be sure that all the testimonials are real. You are welcome to contact the reviewer and ask questions about us.
Average monthly income of our graduates, starting from the first month after completing the course. $1000 - from the 3th month onwards.
4 learning courses
Developed from scratch by our team, our courses offer 50 hours of the quality content. Our graduates in their reviews say that our courses are intense with nothing unnecessary.

74% get clients

Around 50% of our students find clients during their training, 70% - shortly after graduation.
BraveNomads GROUP

We are not just a school. We are an exclusive club for remote freelancers. After the course is complete, our graduates keep sharing their cases and experiences and can continue to access our database of vacancies.

About the author
Quit my job at Moscow government office 3 years ago. Found freelance project in 1 month and went to Thailand to work remotely from there. Since then I never looked back at office work opportunities. I work as an entrepreneur from many places in the world as I travel non-stop!
Speaker on the conferences in Russia as an SMM and personal branding expert
Have been published in professional journals
Completed Master's degree in SMM
Managed social media accounts for the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation; the Ministry of Ecology of the Moscow region; shows with celebrities
Inspired 700+ students to think differently and to find their dream path
Increased my income with the remote job by more than in 7 times
Our courses
Course consists of lectures and internship in a real company
SMM specialist

SMM consultant (social media marketer): In this course I teach not only basic copywriting skills. You will learn to think strategically, to find target group for your client, to divide the market to the groups according to their needs, as well as to maintain the integrity and the consistency of the account – this is what I have been doing for 6 years in my profession

Average rate per project
Freelancer's rates - $250-600; rates for agencies - $1800-6000. You can work on 2 to 4 projects at the same time, earning $500-1500 per month

Course program:

1) What to do before the start.
2) Course rules.
3) The basics of SMM.
4) Regulation of work with your client during traineeship.
5) Client's social media networks analysis.
6) SMM strategy. Target audience analysis.
7) Content strategy.
8) Content in social media. Rules for content writing.
9) SMM strategy. Short and in-depth version.
10) Copywriting. Writing posts for social media.
11) Visual concept.
12) VK. Overview, basics, analytics.
13) VK. Targeted advertising.
14) Facebook. Network overview, main features.
15) Instagram. Preparing for Marketing in Instagram.
16) Working with messengers, chatbots, blogs.
17) Targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram.
18) Instagram Marketing.
19) Pixel on Facebook and Instagram.
20) Analytics of advertising campaigns.
21) Preparing portfolio and searching for new clients. Contract signing.
22) Alumni chat and your first paid assignment (for those who chose mentored course).

Targetologist is a person who manages advertisements in social media networks. He sets up advertising in a certain way, so it's shown only to the intended group of consumers – the target audience.

Average rate per project
Freelancer's rates - $200-250 per advertising campaign. You can set up 1-2 campaigns per week.

Course program:

1) What to do before the start.
2) Course rules.
3) The basics of SMM.
4) Regulation of with your client work during traineeship.
5) Client's social media networks analysis.
6) Copywriting. Writing posts for social media.
7) Visual concept.
8) VK. Overview, basics, analytics.
9) VK. Targeted advertising.
10) Facebook. Network overview, main features.
11) Targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram.
12) Pixel on Facebook and Instagram.
13) Analytics of advertising campaigns.
14) Preparing portfolio and searching for new clients. Contract signing.
15) Alumni chat and your first paid assignment (for those who chose mentored course).
Course composition
Our instructors work with you throughout the course – they answer all your questions through chat and check your home assignments
You will get access to a new lesson straight after completing the previous one so that you can learn at your own schedule. As per our experience, you will need 1 – 1.5 hours a day to complete a lesson. Each lesson consists of 30-60 minutes of video tutorial and high quality supporting written materials.
None of your hometasks will be missed by us - we check everything. You can always ask our tutor for a video call or to record some instructions for you if you don't understand some topic.
Paid traineeship
After the course is complete, we select a client company for your 1-month traineeship. We will pay for this project, because we believe that any work should be rewarded, even if it's done by a newcomer.
Our team
Tutors and instructors
Yulia Medvedeva
Founder, tutor
Learning options
Choose any learning option and on the next page you will be able to choose the course you are interested in. Instructor's help will allow 3 months for the course completion (from the moment a client is assigned to you). Access to all lessons of the course will be open for 1 year.

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Of our students
This course is different from others, first of all because you start working with the client immediately, you don't have any time to worry about your fears 😊 It's really powerful indeed. Real practice and live communication with the client straight from the beginning!
The course materials are also very detailed and intense, you really need to dive into it and work. "Slacking off is not an option" as Yulia warned at the beginning 😊 Probably, at first the pace would be too fast for some students, but it makes it possible to immediately tune to work. However, I had to slow down due to illness. Special thanks to the instructor Nastya. She is always in touch, answers patiently all questions, always ready to help, and it's better to write on whatsapp 😊 Also thanks to Yulia, who prepared this course very competently and professionally! During my personal consultation with her, she filled me in with confidence and calmness till the end of the course 😊
I have completed more than half the training. The course is gorgeous. 100% worth its money.
It has everything that a working person needs:
- You can study when you want,
- You set your own deadlines,
- Great support from Yulia, as well as instructors Olga and Anastasia, understanding and forgiving. They know that a person could have a lot of workload…
- Convenient learning platform. Sometimes webinar platforms do not work properly on mobile devices, but this service is adopted for tablets and mobile phones. This is important for me as I can spend less time on PC at home (after the whole day in office in front of PC).
- Efficiency. Be it morning, day, night or holidays, I always get a response after I submit my homework. It's not possible to do it carelessly as it won't get accepted!
Overall, the course is excellent. Regarding video quality - one needs to understand that video and sound are recorded from a live broadcast.
There is a lot of theoretical information, everything is conveniently outlined. You are given a project with a client. Here all depends how lucky you are. At my job I had to work with many companies, so I know that real clients are different. Some clients are very busy and ignore, don't approve on materials for a long time or set their own conditions (my client didn't want to talk through WhatsApp, only on Skype or VK, resulting in my instructor not seeing our communication). As a result, we changed the client. Now everything is fine, no delays, I get all the materials needed. So we started to move faster.
My advice to everyone - raise alarm as soon as you feel that something is wrong with the client. Change the client immediately. Better go ahead (even if you need to repeat a couple of lessons), rather than being uncertain. The customer is not bound by any contract.
Overall, the course is attractive with potential chance of employment, Yulia is open, lessons are demonstrated on Instagram. I bought it confidently, knowing that I won't be cheated. I have learnt really useful skills. Did I mention - the course is so interesting!
Hi! Here are few details. 1. A case study with good outcome is a result of thorough and time-taking work. If it is not your vocation, but only a study project, then it's even more time-taking. 1 student - 1 case, 10 students - 10 cases and so on. Each student has many questions that need to be addressed properly, so that the student could understand it. This helps make right conclusions and achieve good results, leaving the client with new customers and not with wasted budget. 2. Apart from coaching, Yulia also finds real clients for her students. She needs around 30 clients for each batch. It includes constant communication, negotiations, conferences - which do not always take place in the same city where Yulia resides. 3. Yulia coordinates a lot herself, not delegating coaching of students to anyone. Imagine responding to 30 chats a day personally, not just with yes/no answers, but with the detailed analysis. Adding to that, students are in different time zones and they all want answers as soon as possible, and they can't be left in a difficult situation without support! So draw conclusions and make your own decisions. Any questions, PM me. I will happily answer.
Only 60 days of our courses and you
become a high class professional and can make at least $1000 from any place in the world
You are not our student if:

1. You do not have a couple of hours a week to study. In average, it takes 2-3 months to complete one course with the traineeship. You could stretch it for 6 months, but it would not be effective and you could lose your client as nobody wants to wait so long.

2. You are full of fears – we are not nannies. We provide quality information that works, but we do not treat our students like kids. If your glass is always half empty and you look at negative sides in everything – then you better give it a miss.

3. You are a time passer – you take different courses just to learn, but new knowledge never comes to practice.

4.You will let our brand down – you will complete the course and will approach work dishonestly, spoiling our reputation.
You deserve the best, do not hesitate.
Do not let fears and doubts take away the opportunities to live better.
If you agree with me, then we are on the same page and we are waiting for you in our school. If you try once, you will never look back.

Welcome to the family!

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